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Wonted Creates is a digital content agency, that specialises in crafting original content for companies. In the business world content engages your audience and has the power to earn trust, which is your most valuable currency. Storytelling is no longer a luxury but a necessity for any successful company. Strategy, influencers and well-crafted, in-depth content is worth outsourcing and prioritising in today's market. According to Google stats, companies that use digital marketing in an effective and well thought out manner

can double expected revenue growth in large business. These same stats show that you can almost triple growth expectancy in smaller operations.  We strive to understand the unique and diverse needs of each of our clients. Our job is to research the market, realise growth in this specified area and increase existing revenue streams as well as introducing new income through online strategy. Through our craft, we can bring your story to the world.




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written content

We all want to note things down, to pinpoint moments in history, to have what we work on be remembered. In today's competitive and connected world, it is likely that your subject matter and strategy are not entirely unique. A strong language focused on purpose, relevance and emotion coupled with thoughtful curation, can be what your business needs to stand out in the vast online world.


Capturing moments and creating imagery for your brand's social media, blogs and websites are as important today as the start of TV advertising in the 50s. We need to create a visual dialogue that captures and intrigues our audiences. So let us help you stand out in the crowded world of visual social media. 

Social Media

Consistency is key with social media. As a business, you need to engage with your consumer in an effective and relevant way. We will help you post regularly, promote your content and keep your audience engaged. We will carefully curate and explore your storyline down to each SEO researched hashtag. 


Every company and brand need a successful strategy. Our job is to help you set goals, and implement an action plan to take your business to the next level. We listen to our clients and keep their objectives in mind. 


A recent study by Mckinsey showed that "marketing induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising, with a 37% percent retention rate". This sort of marketing can be a powerful tool for any business, as an influencers following is one based on trust. This sort of loyal customer base cannot be bought.


We work on creating digital campaigns for companies, that can be used and adapted to all the social media platforms. We handle every aspect of the campaign from the research, and strategy phase through to budget implementation, scheduling and boosting, to original imagery and design.


We place importance on doing a full analysis, finding where the gaps lie and assessing what we can do to continuously improve your traffic. Tracking online trends is vital for keeping up to date with the most effective platforms and how markets are relating to the content. In-depth analytics is crucial for driving click-throughs, sales and audience retention. 

My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.
— . Ernest Hemingway

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Our Writing



Yes, this article may have cheesy beginnings, nevertheless whilst watching BBC Earth – Africa on Netflix, I felt myself becoming all romantic and nationalistic. Life in Africa is one of constant turmoil and uncertainty,


We recently got a peek at what promises to be one of Joburg’s more inspired venues. Opening later this year the NCW venue and restaurant marries art and food in a home on the outskirts of Melville which used to house a book



13 restaurant rules to live by

Too many years spent on the other side has caused many neuroses’s in me, but it has also given me an in, to the world of restaurant speak. I concede to a few of my toes being firmly in the OCD pool but there is a definite line between the germs needed to build our immune systems and the level of bacterial filth that renders us helpless to control our rebelling betrayed bodies.


Driving into the park for the first time you see nothing but thorn trees jostled together, with coarse shrubbery nestled in soft, fine sand. Heart slumping, I wonder if I will see anything at all, or will this be 10 days of pretending to get excited over a bird? Turning right onto a narrow bumpy road, that tosses us this way and that, we bumble down hill for a few minutes.



naturally peel away stress & Ageing

Tis the season of hibernation for those of us living in the usually sunny, southern hemisphere. While we wrap up and fight the good fight against buttery carbs, we should be thinking ahead. By the time there are new buds on the trees and rows of magazines cruelly reminding us to be ‘beach ready’, it’s often too late.


Gyms are a necessary evil in the country I reside in, however I feel they are the uncomfortable and archaic rash of our generation. Worse than selfies are gym selfies. self-love and taking care of oneself is important, this I understand. Nevertheless,



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