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Yes, this article may have cheesy beginnings, nevertheless whilst watching BBC Earth – Africa on Netflix, I felt myself becoming all romantic and nationalistic. Life in Africa is one of constant turmoil and uncertainty,


We recently got a peek at what promises to be one of Joburg’s more inspired venues. Opening later this year the NCW venue and restaurant marries art and food in a home on the outskirts of Melville which used to house a book



13 restaurant rules to live by

Too many years spent on the other side has caused many neuroses’s in me, but it has also given me an in, to the world of restaurant speak. I concede to a few of my toes being firmly in the OCD pool but there is a definite line between the germs needed to build our immune systems and the level of bacterial filth that renders us helpless to control our rebelling betrayed bodies.


Driving into the park for the first time you see nothing but thorn trees jostled together, with coarse shrubbery nestled in soft, fine sand. Heart slumping, I wonder if I will see anything at all, or will this be 10 days of pretending to get excited over a bird? Turning right onto a narrow bumpy road, that tosses us this way and that, we bumble down hill for a few minutes.



naturally peel away stress & Ageing

Tis the season of hibernation for those of us living in the usually sunny, southern hemisphere. While we wrap up and fight the good fight against buttery carbs, we should be thinking ahead. By the time there are new buds on the trees and rows of magazines cruelly reminding us to be ‘beach ready’, it’s often too late.


Gyms are a necessary evil in the country I reside in, however I feel they are the uncomfortable and archaic rash of our generation. Worse than selfies are gym selfies. self-love and taking care of oneself is important, this I understand. Nevertheless,